Thursday, June 15, 2006

If You Really Want To Understand Net Neutrality

With sophistic slogans such as "Save the Internet," not to mention the seemingly appealing "Net Neutrality" label itself, it is not suprising that many ordinary Internet users are wondering what are the hullaboo is about. They may be wondering to we really need to apply the old public utility regulations applicable in the monopolistic narrowband world to broadband Internet services in a competitive environment.

Well, no. To dispel any notions that Congress should jump in and regulate the Internet, see this just released an easy-to-digest Net Neutrality primer co-authored by four of my former PFF colleagues (and friends!) and myself.

The approach in the curent draft of the Stevens bill is a wise one: Don't enact innovation-stifling regulatory mandates before there is a problem requiring a regulatory solution.