Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ten years later, above all, we should reaffirm that we will never forget those innocent Americans who died in a wanton Islamic terrorist attack – the worst attack by a foreign adversary on American soil in our nation's history.
We must never forget to remain vigilant against future attacks, while at the same time remaining faithful to our Constitution and the liberties it guarantees.
I have no hesitancy in proclaiming today, or any other, that America is an "exceptional" country. I do so proudly.
At the Free State Foundation, we strive, through our research and educational activities, to promote free market, limited government, and rule of law principles. In our view, adherence to these foundational principles is central to restoring and maintaining America's economic prosperity, including marketplace dynamism in the communications, Internet, and high tech sectors in which we principally toil. And adherence to these principles is central not only to promoting the general welfare here at home, but also to providing the basis for ensuring we possess the strength to remain secure in a dangerous world.
While we will never be shy about trying to influence the direction of law and policy in a free market, limited government, and rule of law direction based on our understanding of the proper application of these principles, we recognize others have different views and understandings. And we respect their right to hold and advocate them. Indeed, a considerable body of our work promotes the defense of First Amendment free speech rights against government interference.
Right after the 9.11.01 attacks, the French newspaper of record, Le Monde, ran a front-page headline reading "Nous sommes tous Américains," or "We are all Americans."
This expression of solidarity from a foreign quarter was especially comforting at the time. But on 9.11.11, regardless of our political or philosophical persuasions, it is we Americans who should remember, "We are all Americans."
And, above all, on 9.11.11, we should remember that we should never forget.