Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Elements of Healthy Media - A New Report

Deborah Taylor Tate, the former FCC commissioner and Free State Foundation Distinguished Adjunct Senior Fellow, and actress Geena Davis, co-chairs of the Healthy MEdia Commission, released the Commission's first report, The Elements of Healthy Media, last week at the National Association of Broadcasters convention.  The report, along with details about its release, is here.

In releasing the report, Tate and Davis said: "We are proud to come together to release the Elements of Healthy Media to define what our Healthy MEdia Commission finds to be 'positive and healthy' portrayals of women and girls. The Healthy MEdia Commission supports efforts to increase the number of female characters in the media and ensure that female roles, images, and portrayal are authentic, balanced and healthy.  We thank our partners and commission members for helping to advance the national conversation about how to ensure we are creating a positive media environment for all our children."

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association and the NAB are supporters of the Healthy MEdia project.