Friday, December 28, 2012

Deborah Tate on Media Ownership

Deborah Tate, FSF's Distinguished Adjunct Senior Fellow, has a piece posted on MMTC's Broadband Justice website that argues for a less restrictive media ownership policy in general, while, at the same time, urging the FCC to take further actions to promote more minority ownership of media properties.

Debi's perspective as a former FCC Commissioner always warrants close attention, and she is surely right to urge the FCC to recognize "that our citizens have ubiquitous access to global voices for news and information, and this should result in rolling back of antiquated ownership rules of decades past." And, she is passionate about furthering opportunities for female and minority ownership, as evidenced by her long-standing leadership role at MMTC, so when she offers suggestions on that front, they should be carefully considered.