Friday, August 01, 2014

FSF’s Deborah Tate on Equipping Children with Knowledge for the Digital Age

Deborah Taylor Tate, a Distinguished Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Free State Foundation and former FCC Commissioner, acknowledges in a blog the vast educational opportunities for children available through the Internet, but cautions against the inherent risks.
One of the most effective ways of keeping young people—or users of any age—safe online is to equip them with the knowledge and skill to recognize, identify and respond appropriately to risks they may encounter. These skills include media literacy, digital literacy and social-emotional literacy,” she writes. The Aspen Institute, in cooperation with the MacArthur Foundation, recently launched a “National Report on Learning and the Internet” following a year of in-depth research and public input. Ms. Tate is a member of the Task Force, which included educators, policymakers, researchers, nonprofits, and experts in technology, security, privacy and sociology. The Task Force’s goal was to understand the ways in which young people learn today and to optimize learning and innovation within a trusted environment.
Ms. Tate, the ITU Special Envoy and Laureate for Child Online Protection, is a leader in efforts to protect children online, while enhancing their educational experience.