Sunday, October 05, 2014

David Honig - "Job Well Done"

I just saw the press release that David Honig, the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council’s co-founder, is retiring after leading the organization as President for 28 years. Yes, you read that right: 28 years!

Truth be told, it would be an exaggeration to say that I am fortunate enough to call David a “close friend.” And it would not be true to say that, throughout his long career, I have always agreed with him or, for that matter, with all of the positions taken by MMTC.

But I do consider David a friend. And I am certainly an admirer of what he has accomplished at MMTC, with the help of his colleagues there. The work that MMTC does is important, and, from where I sit, the organization is very fortunate to have been the beneficiary of David’s dedication, intelligence, and leadership skills for more than a quarter of a century. My Free State Foundation colleague, former FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate, has played a senior leadership role at MMTC for many years, along with friends such as Henry Rivera, Julia Johnson, Erwin Krasnow, Nicole Turner-Lee, Russell Frisby, and others. I’m confident they share my sentiments concerning David Honig’s contributions to MMTC and the cause MMTC represents. 

I don’t know David’s successor, Kim Keenan, and certainly not her shoe size. But I do know she has big shoes to fill. I wish her well, of course. But, most importantly, I wish David Honig all the best as he enters this next phase of what has already been a productive life – and I say “job well done.”