Friday, February 07, 2020

Report Compares Countries' Progress on 5G Spectrum Availability

On February 3, Analysys Mason released the latest update in its series on the global race to 5G.  In "International Comparison: Licensed, Unlicensed, and Shared Spectrum, 2017-2020," U.S. efforts to make new spectrum resources available for 5G network services are measured against efforts by several foreign nations, including Canada, China, Germany, North Korea, and the U.K. The report includes a useful chart comparing spectrum resources that each nation has made available for commercial use for 5G services since 2017 as well as spectrum expected to be available for 5G in 2020. 

One important step the U.S. can take in 2020 to further our nation's position in the race to 5G is ensure a prompt auction for C-Band spectrum that incentives incumbents to vacate the spectrum and cooperate in a speedy transition to prospective auction winners. In this regard, see Free State Randolph May's statement from February 6 regarding the FCC's plan to repurposing C-Band spectrum.