Monday, August 01, 2011

Good luck Gig.U Project

Blair Levin has launched an exciting new venture called the Gig.U project. In short, Gig.U, or the University Community Next Generation Innovation Project, is a broad-based group of almost 30 leading research universities -- including my alma mater, Duke -- from across the nation. The idea of the project is for the research universities, and the communities in which they are situated, to serve as bases for the deployment of ultra high-speed broadband networks. Then, with the universities' rich in-place intellectual capital using the super high-speed networks, the hope is that a whole new generation of innovations will be spurred.

You can read all about the new project here.

All in all, it looks like a very worthwhile venture, one that, if successful, could bring many benefits, not only to the university communities involved but to the nation at large.

So, I commend Blair not only for the innovative idea, but for the energy required to accomplish the practicalities necessary get the idea off the ground to the launch phase.

PS -- His only mistake: He let Carolina in on the project too....Should have been Duke in, Carolina out.