Monday, March 31, 2014

Permissionless Innovation - Adam Thierer's Newest Book

Adam Thierer's latest book is titled, "Permissionless Innovation," a subject about which Adam has written knowledgeably for years.

In his book, Adam contrasts public policy shaped by “precautionary principle” reasoning, which he says poses a serious threat to technological progress, economic entrepreneurialism, and long-run prosperity, with “permissionless innovation." According to Adam,  permissionless innovation has been the secret sauce that fueled the success of the Internet and much of the modern tech economy in recent years, and it is set to power the next great industrial revolution—if we let it.

 heartily recommend this book to you, despite two "disclaimers." First, Adam is a former colleague of mine and present friend. Second, I haven't even had a chance to read the book yet.

No matter, really. I know Adam well enough -- and I know he knows the subject matter well enough -- that I am confident it will be a worthwhile read. Even more than worthwhile.

So, again, here is the link to the book.