Friday, April 25, 2014

A New Free Market, Flexible Use Spectrum Policy

If you haven't seen it, I especially want to commend to you the excellent Response that the Free State Foundation submitted to the House Commerce Committee today concerning "modernizing spectrum policy."

This is a important paper -- a very clear exposition of why we need a new free market-oriented, flexible use spectrum regime in order to reduce the economic losses that routinely occur as a result of the current command-and-control regime that, despite some recent changes, remains largely in place.

For anyone interested in spectrum policy, this is a "must read"....

My special thanks to Michelle Connolly, Richard Epstein, Gus Hurwitz, Daniel Lyons, Bruce Owen, Richard Pierce, and Jim Speta -- all members of the Free State Foundation's prestigious Board of Academic Advisors -- who are signatories to FSF's spectrum paper.