Thursday, June 30, 2016

TPP Is Beneficial for Consumers and Entrepreneurs around the Globe

The Cato Institute held an event today releasing an abstract of a forthcoming paper entitled “Should Free Traders Support the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?” Yes, free traders should support TPP and so should Congress!
TPP would expand global trade by eliminating roughly 18,000 tariffs that member countries have imposed on imports from the United States, lifting millions of people out of poverty around the world. By removing these trade barriers and others imposed by the United States, TPP would allow consumers and entrepreneurs in all member countries to enjoy more economic activity and lower prices than what the status quo offers.
From an intellectual property perspective, TPP would establish strong protections of IP rights in member countries, allowing artists and entrepreneurs around the globe to earn a return on their creative works and the labor that makes them possible. U.S leadership regarding strong IP rights protections will incentivize more investment, innovation, and economic growth at home and abroad.
See my July 2015 blog on how multilateral trade agreements create global IP protections.