Monday, February 06, 2012

WSJ's Crovitz on Wireless and Spectrum Auctions

For a succinct overview of what's at stake in the current debate over federal spectrum policy for the future of wireless innovation and economic vitality, look no further than L. Gordon Crovitz's Wall Street Journal column for today on "Spectrum Dinosaurs at the FCC."

With wireless broadband data demands rising and wireless carriers transitioning to 4G networks, a coming "spectrum crunch" stands in the way. Congress is closer to approving voluntary incentive auctions to be conducted by the FCC that would free up badly needed spectrum. But as Crovitz explains, "[t]he question now is whether the FCC will have an open auction, a rigged auction, or miss this window to have any auction."

FSF President Randolph May discussed this same issue in his January blog post, "Implementing Spectrum Auctions." Crovitz's column now makes the case for an open, market-driven and consumer-welfare oriented spectrum auction. Read it from start to finish.