Monday, July 01, 2013

Maryland Wireless Taxes Are Too High!

The Tax Foundation's study detailing the wireless service tax and fee rates in the U.S. shows that Maryland's taxes and fees at 12.77% put it at No. 12 -- that is, the state with the 12th highest tax/fee add-ons.
The average state and local rate is 11.36 percent. The Tax Foundation's Map shows that Oregon has the lowest rate at 1.85%, and is tailed closely by Nevada at 2.13% and Idaho at 2.28%. Nebraska has the highest rate at 18.67%, and is followed closely by Washington at 18.62% and New York at 17.85%. 
These rates do not include the additional federal rate of 5.92%, which brings Nebraska's rate to 24.49% and Oregon's rate to 7.67%. The average combined federal, state, and local rate is 17.18%.
With the federal rate added, the total taxes paid by a wireless customer in Maryland is 18.69% -- in other words, nearing 20%. This is just one more example of why Maryland is known as a "high tax" state.