Friday, February 21, 2020

New Book: "Modernizing Copyright Law for the Digital Age"

In Modernizing Copyright Law for the Digital Age: Constitutional Foundations for Reform, Randolph May and Seth Cooper connect constitutional principles and historical insights to recommendations for updating U.S. copyright law to meet the challenges of the Digital Age.

Copyright owners and copyright-intensive industries are vital engines of prosperity in our Digital Age economy. But current U.S. copyright law fails to protect adequately copyrighted works from infringement enabled by modern-day digitization and Internet connectivity. The law needs updating to curb the billions in economic losses caused annually by bad actors in America and abroad.

In reforms grounded in constitutional principles, Modernizing Copyright Law for the Digital Age addresses areas such as international trade, public contracts, private contracts, compulsory licensing and rate regulation, antitrust, and so-called moral rights. This timely book details steps that Congress should consider for updating copyright policy in hot-topic areas, including music royalties, Copyright Office reform, civil enforcement, criminal enforcement, and international protections.

The book is now available from Amazon here or from Carolina Academic Press here.