Friday, June 09, 2006

Welcome to the Free State Foundation Blog

Welcome to the Free State Foundation blog. In addition to the longer scholarly studies, essays, commentaries and the like published on a more leisurely schedule by FSF, it is important as well--at least at times--to react to daily events with immediacy. Sometimes the comment is on a pending bill or agency action, sometimes a reaction to an action already taken, sometimes a response to another's comments, and, not infrequently--hopefully, at least--the offering of an original thought or idea.

On FSF's home page, right after the tag line, "A Free Market Think Tank for Maryland," is embedded the injunction: "Because Ideas Matter". Indeed. So, this blog is just another means of ventillating and vetting ideas, along with all the other more traditional means that preceded it. But please keep in mind, with the immediacy, it is probably only natural for a bit of emotionalism to surface from time to time, and a few typos as well. But we'll strive for ventillation, not hyperventillation.

Winston Churchill once said: "Nothing is so exhilarating as to be shot at without success." Fortunately, I have no first hand experience in that regard. But it is exhilirating to engage in the battle of ideas to, as our website proclaims, promote the "understanding of free market, limited government, and rule of law principles in Maryland and throughout the United States."

I welcome anyone's help who shares that purpose.