Friday, February 18, 2011

Silicon Valley Dem: Net neutrality repeal would spark 'revolution'


Silicon Valley Dem: Net neutrality repeal would spark 'revolution' - The Hill's Hillicon Valley

Anna Eshoo, the ranking Democratic member on the House Communications Subcommittee, said that if Congress were to reverse the FCC’s action adopting net neutrality rules “there would be a revolution in this country.”

Wow! What in the world are they putting in the California water now?

Eshoo’s statement is downright silly, and you can imagine the press outcry if a Republican had said something so outlandish.

Eshoo talks about a “revolution” if net neutrality is repealed at the same time every poll shows a majority of Americans favor repeal. In September 2010, Democratic pollster Peter Hart found that 75% of Americans like the Internet the way it is and 55% of the poll respondents said the government should have no hand in regulating the Internet. The FCC itself found that the vast majority of Americans are satisfied with the speed of their Internet service.

If repeal of the net neutrality rules is going to start a revolution, as Rep. Eshoo suggests, it likely will be carried out by a small band of revolutionaries with her leading the charge.