Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Maryland's StateStat Program Should Be Improved

Maryland's Governor martin O'Malley is fond of touting his StateStat program, and, indeed, the effort is   a worthwhile -- if properly carried out. StateStat is a so-called performance measurement tool that, according to the state's website, is intended to make state government "more accountable and more efficient.", an invaluable site for keeping up with Maryland governmental affairs, has a new report out on StateStat. According to the report, StateStat "can be substantially improved so that it comes close to living up to the high expectations inherent in the governor’s StateStat messaging."

The article has a number of thoughtful recommendations for improving StateStat, some of which have been noted for several years. If he is serious about making StateStat into the effective tool that he is fond of touting, the Governor would do well to take the recommendations to heart.