Friday, July 18, 2014

Sen. Thune, Commissioner Pai Urge Tax Moratorium Adoption

Yesterday, in a blog in this space, FSF's Michael Horney urged the Senate to follow the House of Representative's lead and promptly pass the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act ("PITFA"). The current moratorium on taxing Internet access services expires on November 1, so quick action is needed to prevent the imposition of new taxes.

As a follow-on, please see the op-ed in todays' Wall Street Journal [subscription required] by Senator John Thune and FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai urging the Senate to act promptly.

By the way, the Senate bill, with broad bipartisan support, already has 52 co-sponsors.

There is no reason why the Tax Freedom Act shouldn't be sent to President Obama for his signature before the next Congressional break.