Friday, June 01, 2018

Ligado Takes Another Positive Step

On May 31, Ligado filed an amendment to its pending Federal Communications Commission license modification application advising the agency of further steps it has taken to protect aviation GPS devices from claimed interference. This is another in a series of steps that Ligado has taken since the company emerged from bankruptcy several years ago as it works, constructively it seems, to resolve potential interference issues that thus far have delayed putting the L-band spectrum to productive use.

We plan to take a closer look in the near future at where matters stand. But, as an immediate reaction to Ligado’s latest filing, there is no gainsaying that the deployment of advanced wireless services like those it proposes should provide substantial public interest benefits. As Valerie Green, Ligado’s Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer declared in a May 31 blog announcing the filing of the amendment: “Next-generation wireless networks – connecting an entire new category of IoT-enabled devices, sensors, and machines  – are projected to create three million new jobs and give the economy a $500 billion boost. Our 40 MHz of mid-band spectrum will help get our country there and regain ground in the global race to 5G.”

In today’s fast-paced marketplace environment – and with much at stake for the economy with regard to 5G deployment – it’s important, even imperative, that NTIA, indeed the entire Administration, and the FCC, work to ensure that Ligado’s proposal receives prompt consideration.