Tuesday, July 24, 2018

House Passed the ACCESS BROADBAND Act

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the Advancing Critical Connectivity Expands Service, Small Business Resources, Opportunities, Access, and Data Based on Assessed Need and Demand Act (H.R. 3994), also known as the ACCESS BROADBAND Act.
This bill would establish the Office of Internet Connectivity within the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to coordinate and track federal funding for broadband across all agencies. The bill would require to the office to:
  • connect with communities that need access to high-speed internet and improved digital inclusion efforts,
  • hold regional workshops to share best practices and effective strategies for promoting broadband access and adoption,
  • develop targeted broadband training and presentations for various demographic communities through media,
  • develop and distribute publications providing guidance to communities for expanding broadband access and adoption, and
  • track construction and use of any broadband infrastructure built using federal support.
The ACCESS BROADBAND Act would streamline application and administration processes for all federal broadband projects and would advance next-generation broadband access throughout the United States.