Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Watch the Video of FSF's January 23 Book Event on Communications Policy!

A video of the Free State Foundation's January 23 book launch and luncheon at the National Press Club is now available here

The event celebrated FSF's new book, Communications Law and Policy in the Digital Age: The Next Five Years. Several of the book's contributing authors, all prominent experts in the field of communications law and policy, discussed their book chapters and engaged in a lively, interactive exchange with the audience concerning today's most pressing issues.  Topics included broadband policy, net neutrality, USF reform, and public media reform. 

The authors who participated in this event were: Moderator: Randolph J. May, President, The Free State Foundation; Christopher Yoo, Professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School, and Member of FSF's Board of Academic Advisors - "Internet Policy Going Forward: Does One Size Still Fit All?"; Daniel Lyons, Professor, Boston College Law School, and Member of FSF's Board of Academic Advisors - "Reforming the Universal Service Fund for the Digital Age"; Ellen Goodman, Professor, Rutgers School of Law - Camden, and Member of FSF's Board of Academic Advisors - "Public Media Policy Reform and Digital Age Realities," and; Seth Cooper, FSF Research Fellow - "Restoring a Minimal Regulatory Environment for a Healthy Wireless Future."