Sunday, August 04, 2013

FCC Reform: The Video

With what my mother always called "the dog days of summer" fast upon us, and while we're anxiously awaiting Homeland or Boardwalk Empire to start up again, I've got just the hot short video for your August viewing. I'll call it "FCC Reform: The Video" to get your juices flowing. 

OK, Homeland or Boardwalk Empire it's not... 
But, as regular readers know, I am passionate about FCC regulatory reform, even during dog days. In the video immediately below, which runs only 10 minutes, I discuss the "FCC Process Reform Act" and the "FCC Consolidated Reporting Act" bills put forward in the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology by Chairman Greg Walden and the "FCC's 'ABCs' Act" put forward by Subcommittee Vice Chairman Bob Latta.

In the video, I explain why the proposed changes to the FCC's rulemaking requirements in the FCC Process Reform Act are needed in order to reorient the FCC away from its tendency to default to regulation even when there is no clear and convincing evidence of market failure or consumer harm. And I support the adoption of revisions to the FCC's forbearance and periodic regulatory review authority. Indeed, I proposed just such changes in April 2011. 

I also explain in the video why the merger review reform provisions contained in the Process Reform Act should be adopted and why the proposed Consolidated Reporting Act makes perfect sense in today's multi-platform competitive, converged marketplace environment. 
And there's more...but I shouldn't keep you from watching any longer.   

My testimony before the House Subcommittee at the July 11, 2013, hearing on "Improving FCC Process" is here.

My July 16 blog entitled "FCC Regulatory Reform and Administrative Law" is here.