Monday, October 28, 2013

Congressman Latta Delivers Keynote Remarks at FSF Event

We were pleased to have Congressman Bob Latta deliver keynote remarks at the Free State Foundation’s event last week, “A New FCC or the Same Old, Same Old.” Congressman Latta recognized the efforts of the Free State Foundation and of FSF President Randolph May in the areas of FCC reform and advocacy of free market-oriented communications policies. Congressman Latta then discussed the dramatic innovation in the Internet ecosystem over the past thirty years, and urged Congress to review laws and regulations to ensure that they reflect current marketplace realities, and that they do not impede further advancements in communications and other sectors of the economy.
In particular, Congressman Latta advocated for comprehensive review of the “outmoded”1996 Act. He also argued for reform of the FCC’s operations and role in the communications sector through his FCC ‘ABCs’ Act. He stated reform is necessary “to ensure that outdated and unnecessary legacy-era regulations don’t stifle current and future investment, innovation, economic growth and consumer choice in the digital age” and to make “a pro-investment, pro-competition, and, most importantly, pro-consumer framework a reality.”