Thursday, March 28, 2019

Prepared Remarks of FTC Chairman Joseph Simons at FSF's Telecom Policy Conference

The Free State Foundation's Eleventh Annual Telecom Policy Conference was on March 26. This year's conference included a keynote address by Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joseph Simons. His remarks focused on "how the FTC's two missions—competition and consumer protection—apply to the internet ecosystem."

Chairman Simons offered an overview of how the FTC can reach broadband Internet service provider behavior such as blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization under its antitrust and consumer protection jurisdiction. He also discussed the FTC's authority to address alleged deceptive and unfair privacy and security practices by ISPs. According to Chairman Simons, "the FTC will remain active in Internet commerce… we will be able to protect consumers from anticompetitive and unfair or deceptive conduct by ISPs and other firms in this fast-paced industry."

The prepared version of Chairman Simons' remarks is available at the FTC's website here.