Monday, March 18, 2013

Smartphone and Tablet Trends Spotlighted in Report on Wireless

comScore's "Mobile Future in Focus 2013" is a compact distillation of recent breakthroughs in wireless technologies and emerging wireless consumer behavior patterns. 

Insights into the growth and usage patters of smartphone and tablet device market segments are especially critical to understanding what's happening in the wireless market. As comScore's report points out, in 2012 smartphone adoption surged nearly 30%, to 120 million-plus consumers. Meanwhile, "tablets emerged as one of the fastest devices in history to reach nearly 50 million owners." In so doing, tablets "already achieved a level of adoption in three years that it took smartphones nearly a decade to reach." 

The report also offers informative overviews of mobile operating systems (OS) adoption, mobile applications usage trends, and multi-platform media consumption by consumers. Some implications of these dramatic changes are sketched in the conclusion. 

In all, "Mobile Future in Focus 2013" is a worthy read on the dynamic wireless market and what it may hold for tomorrow.