Thursday, June 10, 2021

Federalist Society Webinar Panel Weighs in on the Biden Broadband Infrastructure Plan

On May 25, the Federalist Society held a webinar on the Biden Administration's broadband infrastructure plan. David Redl moderated the webinar's panel, which included Prof. Christopher Yoo -- a member of the Free State Foundation's Board of Academic Advisors, Kate O'Connor, and Tony Clark. The panelists offered their views on matters such as subsidies for unserved areas, subsidy preferences government-owned networks, rate regulation, and wireless infrastructure siting policy. An audio version of the webinar panel also is available on the Federalist Society's website for streaming or download. 

In recent publications, FSF scholars have critiqued the Biden Administration's broadband infrastructure plan and offered alternatives. For example, on June 2, FSF President Randolph May and Senior Fellow Andrew Long published a Perspectives from FSF Scholars paper titled "Biden Broadband Plan: Transparency and Accuracy Required for Sound Policy." Additionally, on June 8, FSF President May and I published a Perspectives paper that touches on important reform opportunities that the Biden Plan overlooks. That paper is titled "Wireless Infrastructure Reforms Rest on Solid Constitutional Foundations: Congress Should Preempt Local Obstacles to 5G Deployment."