Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Bill to Bog Down 4G Wireless With Regulatory Burdens

On October 12, TR Daily's Paul Kirby reported on the introduction of a new wireless regulation bill in the U.S. Senate. S.1695, the "Next Generation Wireless Disclosure Act," is the companion bill to H.R. 2281. The House bill was subjected to critical examination in my June 29 blog post "In Congress, More Spectrum and Less Regulation is Key to 4G." Those criticisms apply with equal force to the Senate bill.

Both bills would burden one of our economy's best growth-engines with unnecessary regulations in a time when our economy needs all of the job-creating investments it can get. Congress should instead take immediate and decisive action to make new spectrum available for commercial use, and do so on flexible terms that would for enable continued innovation and investment in the wireless marketplace. As I described in more detail in my blog post from August 30, "More Spectrum Will Make 4G an Economic Force Multiplier."