Friday, July 26, 2019

MEDIA ADVISORY: FSF President Randolph May Welcomes DOJ Approval of Proposed T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

The following statement may be attributed to Randolph May, President of the Free State Foundation, regarding the Department of Justice’s approval of the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger:

“I am pleased that the Department of Justice is now prepared to approve the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, albeit with conditions and divestitures that, in the current competitive communications environment, are likely not necessary to protect consumers, and which, in fact, may have the effect of reducing some of the benefits from the merger.

“That said, DOJ’s decision after a lengthy review finally to allow the merger to be consummated is welcome. As a general matter, and in this case involving the rapidly changing communications marketplace driven by technological innovations like 5G next-generation wireless networks, it takes longer than it should for the government to reach a decision. The gap in time between due deliberation and delay often is far too large. So, I hope the FCC will quickly approve the merger, and the state Attorneys General will now withdraw their lawsuit, which has had more than a whiff of politics driving it from the get-go."