Thursday, February 07, 2019

Research Fellow Michael Horney Testified on Maryland House Bill 141

On February 6, 2019, I testified before the Committee on Economic Matters in the Maryland General Assembly’s House of Delegates on House Bill (HB) 141 “Commercial Law – Internet Privacy and Net Neutrality.” I argued that HB 141 is legally problematic because it would impose a burden on interstate commerce, putting it at risk of preemption by the Federal Communications Commission. I also argued that HB 141 would harm consumers because the costs imposed on Internet service providers having to comply with state-by-state net neutrality and privacy regulations would crowd out resources that otherwise could be used for additional investment and innovation.
You can watch my testimony here around the 48-minute mark and please read my full written testimony, which was prepared by me and Free State Foundation President Randolph May and goes into much more detail about why the bill is legally problematic and unwise as a matter of policy.