Friday, April 05, 2019

AT&T Offers Tools to Stop Robcalls and Spoofed Calls

At its public policy blog, AT&T Communications Chief Legal Officer Bruce Byrd recounts AT&T's efforts to combat robcalls that he highlighted at a Department of Justice-hosted forum on tech-enabled fraud. In addition to automatic network labeling and blocking of unwanted and illegal calls, AT&T offers free and "PLUS" versions of its AT&T Mobile Security apps, and its AT&T Call Protect app provides even more security features. Digital Phone Call Protect is a service available for landline phones. Mr. Byrd's blog post also pointed to AT&T's ongoing work with other vice providers, such as Comcast, in testing SHAKEN/STIR caller ID verification to detect and stop calls from fraudulent or "spoofed" phone numbers. 

As industry efforts to combat robocalls and spoofing continue, and as Congress and the FCC consider next steps in addressing these important consumer protection issues, consumers should be aware of the types of tools that are currently or will soon be available to reduce robocalls and spoofed calls.