Friday, April 12, 2019

Just Released: Two New Videos from FSF's Telecom Policy Conference

Two more videos have been released for the Free State Foundation's Eleventh Annual Telecom Policy Conference. 

The first newly-released video includes a conversation on communications policy between FCC Commission Michael O'Rielly and former Congressman Tom Tauke.

The other newly-released video is of the Conference's closing keynote address, delivered by Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joseph Simons. 

FSF's Eleventh Annual Telecom Policy Conference was held on March 26 at the National Press Club. The theme for this year's Conference was "Internet Providers and Platforms: Getting Law and Policy Right." The Conference panels and keynote addresses addressed timely communications law and policy topics such as net neutrality regulation, privacy regulation, 5G networks, spectrum policy, universal service, the proper roles of the FCC, FTC, and Department of Justice, as well as the role of states in overseeing Internet service providers and platforms such as Google and Facebook. 

Be sure to check out both videos, available online here and here