Friday, April 05, 2019

Research Report: U.S. Tied with China in Global 5G Readiness

Research firm Analysys Mason just released its report "Global Race to 5G – Update." Analysys Mason observes that in 2018 the FCC adopted important reforms and the U.S. improved its 5G readiness. Its report concludes that the U.S. is now tied with China for the top position in global 5G readiness. Also, the report finds: "[T]here is still more to be done to ensure that the US retains its leading position, and we have found that a key short-term goal for the US to maintain its leading position is improving the availability of mid- band spectrum." Mid-band spectrum is identified as being critically important for 5G services. Thus, increased availability of mid-band spectrum is a key near-term public policy goal for the U.S. to maintain its leading position. To get an up-to-date grasp on the status of the global race to 5G, read Analsys Mason's insightful report.